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If you are unable to reach for the

offering plate, please reach for

   an envelope and mail in your pledge.  


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Parishioner Testimonials


Jim Koehlinger - “… My wife (and I) were born from different backgrounds. She's from Catholic faith. I'm from the Lutheran faith. We find the Episcopal Church to be the perfect marriage for those two different backgrounds. It's done very well by us and we're happy to be here at St Mary's.  We're happy to be here in St Mary's. We came to Florida about 15 years ago and I've been a member of this church for about 10. We find Reverend Lisa to be the perfect answer to our prayers for a good priest who also can give a sermon…”


John Pfeiffer – “… I'd like to challenge you to pray for God's guidance as we are called to make a pledge for next year. Every one of us is a steward of the resource’s God has provided us. The question is how are you going to answer this challenge? We are all talented in some way. We need to use these God-given talents to expand the reach of this parish and bring the message of God's love to a hurting world. You control your time, talent and treasure. So, be sure to give what you are blessed with to be used to his glory and for the betterment of his creation. Thanks be to God for his generosity.”

Linda Allen

“… I must admit I didn't tithe until 13 years ago. I always gave to the church but I didn't want the burden of tithing. I started out small and gradually increased the amount. My blessings have increased by more than the amount of my tithing. No, I haven't found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but even when unpleasant things happen, a blessing can be found. What could have been much worse usually is just an inconvenience…”

Maria Sullivan

“… It wasn't until I found myself alone one day that I decided that God should be number one in my life after all he never disappoints … God does surely work in mysterious ways he answers prayers and he gives us all we need. Maybe not exactly as we expected but usually better than what I was praying for. I consider Saint Mary's my spiritual home. This is my soul why would I not give to St Mary's...”

Dennis Allen

“…There are many opportunities to support the Lord's work and I believe that the clergy and laity of St Mary's serves the needs of our church family, the city of Belleview, and beyond. I am especially happy to support the children and youth programs at St Mary’s. My gift along with yours enables us to provide far more than I could do by myself in the furthering of God's Kingdom in this world.”

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